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Charlie Grey 

Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Composer, Producer and Musician, Charlie Grey is an LA based, award winning film director.

Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico; Charlie Grey always had a passion for moving images. At the age of 17 he shot, directed and edited his first music video, which kickstarted a career in music and production. Because of it, he moved to New York City. While networking in the Brooklyn indie scene, he found his skills were better handled behind a camera which catapulted him into this new found/unknown love he had for video production.

After just a few months, he moved onto heading the media department at Majorstage, (a music and event production company) recording videos for over 150 live events across NYC, all the while, unbeknownst to him, obtaining recognition as a solid videographer.

After working for over a year at Majorstage, his interests in narrative work grew bolder, which then led him to work as an Junior Editor at PushStory (NYC based Marketing, Advertising and Narrative production company), refining his eye for narrative based content.

5 music videos, 200+ live events and 3 indie films later, Charlie Grey hopes to become a well rounded and prominent figure in entertainment.


Will De Arenas


I come from a hard working family. I was born in NJ but raised all my life in Puerto Rico.I am the definition of knowing what I want, and making it happen. My Goal is to show the world my belief system, and how the world behaves depending on one’s given circumstances & choices in life.

As a child I've always shown an interest in the Arts. By the time I reached a maturity and returned from serving in the military, I had a clear thought who I wanted to be. Destiny came to me with the help God & loyal friends: Kike & Romeo. I was given the chance to follow my DREAM by joining one of the Top modeling agencies, Ammnezia. This was a turning point in my life. I finally found my calling, but it wasn't a piece of cake. I had to pass through many obstacles and many “NOs” to finally get where I wanted to be. One day I had a revelation within a dream & that was the moment I decided to move to LA.

I was accepted in New York Film Academy, from where I achieved my Master’s Degree.

I'll wrap it up with this: Never give up, develop a clear ambition, and take the risk. You may achieve it. I finally filmed my 1st sitcom Pilot 2017 with the help of many friends, directed 2 Short Films, and I’m on the verge of filming another short with my good friend, Jhosimar Vasquez.

Whats next? My TV shoiw, "SCAR".


OFFICIAL SELECTION - 2018 Great Lakes In
WINNER - Global Film Festival Awards - 2
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Portland Comedy Fil
Best Overall First Place - ATT Create-a-
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Best Shorts Competi